About the project

The Calligraphy as we know it is simply referred to as “beautiful writing”. Even the word 'calligraphy' is a union of two Greek words - Kalli, which means 'beautiful' and graphy, which means 'writing', but if you have any interest in calligraphy as a passion or admiration today, you you will know there is a little more than that.

The CHLEUHISM nomination is taken from the word "chleuh" which means in our Moroccan dialect an Amazigh person it is a very popular nickname that we use in our daily conversations so I wanted to make it more known and global through the CHLEUHISM Series which highlights highlight the three basic elements of my works which are Calligraphy, Portrait and Crossword puzzle.

The CHLEUHISM Series aims to promote Amazigh and North African culture, highlighting its richness by showcasing the letters - TIFINAGH - of the language - TAMAZIGHT - which continue to fascinate historians, scholars, artists and admirers in general, and honor the heritage of the Amazigh people, their history, traditions, beliefs, know-how and above all their talents and their creativity which has carefully decorated their habitats and Kasbahs (palaces) over the centuries.

By looking, touching these creations their carpets, furniture, clothes, and jewelry one can taste the rich taste that has given each color, object, and each pattern and letter a thing to represent and to memorize either a principle, a tradition, or an everyday event through the culture of art.

Through The CHLEUHISM Series I also wanted to honor successful figures, noble ambassadors, sources of inspiration who generously give a lot for their countries and their origins, and who defend their roots with pride and firmness.

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